eTwinning Plus project experience and impact in teaching practice

12 ianuarie 2016

The teacher always tends to perfection, to exchange experience what motivates children to learn, to participate with interest in the educational act. eTwinning platform represents a new trend of change, of experience which involves a number of educational projects. One of the projects that we, the students of first class are involved is „Child-Drop” project. […]

eTwinning and my school

16 septembrie 2015

A better day, a better thought, a good word, these are essential in our daily routine relationships that we have everywhere and always. And as our learning keeps our wishes to succeed, to feel appreciated, encouraged, as well as interactions with the people around us are related to an assessment at fair value, creating relationships […]

„eTwinning made computer classes in Theoretical Lyceum Mihai Eminescu from Hincesti more interesting”

15 septembrie 2015

„eTwinning made computer classes in Theoretical Lyceum Mihai Eminescu from Hincesti  more interesting” „A properly train of young does not mean you should teach them a lot of words, phrases, expressions and opinions of different authors, but to open them a path to understanding things” John Amos Comenius eTwinning is an online educational platform that […]

International Partnerships of the Theoretical Real Profile High School „M. Marinciuc „under the eTwinning platform

14 septembrie 2015

eTwinning platform launched in 2005 as part of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission, offers an opportunity to achieve educational partnerships with schools from the European Union. This platform facilitates access of teachers to a virtual environment for collaboration and exchange of experience in partnering with other teachers and to training activities, together […]

eTwinning – a fiend of change

12 septembrie 2015

E – Enthusiasm, energy, empathy T – Talent, youth, emotions, tolerance W – Vocation, future, will I – Inventiveness, ingenuity N – Restless, desire N – Naturalness, energy I – Interest, impressions, intelligence, involvement N – Necessity, negotiation, un-expectance, desire G – Generosity, thinking, gratitude. We live undoubtedly in a world of great changes. The […]

eTwinning- opportunity for all teachers eager to apply new things!

11 septembrie 2015

„Most teachers lose time asking questions aimed to reveal what the student does not know, while the true art of the examination is to find out what the student actually knows or can know” Albert Einstein I was thinking recently how I came to be „adept” of the eTwinning community? Browsing on the Internet on […]

The impact of eTwinning on the development of inclusive education

5 septembrie 2015

Inclusive education takes a more pronounced shape in the Republic of Moldova, as educational institutions set up Resource Centers for Inclusive Education and employ support teachers for children with special educational needs. In the context of implementing the new provisions of the Education Code and Inclusive Education Development Programme increasingly necessary becomes to focus on […]

Success Foreign Educational Partnerships through the eTwinning platform

2 septembrie 2015

Among the weaknesses of the education system in the Republic of Moldova we can mention the small number of teachers engaged in external cooperation. This undoubtedly leads to stagnation, to a decrease in motivation, professional development, poor innovations in teaching process and lack of interest of some teachers on extracurricular activities. An opportunity to overcome […]

eTwinning- a chance for virtual learning

29 ianuarie 2015

I heard about the eTwinning program during the Lyceum Teachers’ Council which took place at the end of the school year in 2013, when eTwinnng Parner Support Agency Moldova (PSA Moldova) introduced the program. I, as a teacher, was interested to collaborate with teachers from other countries through the Internet and of course, let pupils […]