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About eTwinning Plus

eeTwinning Plus is a project, which provides a platform for schools in Europe’s immediate neighbourhood, to link with schools participating in eTwinning. eTwinning Plus promotes school collaboration through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by providing support, tools and services for schools that are involved in the programme.
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Professional development

Seminars for contact
Occasionally, there are held multilateral eTwinning meetings between two to five countries, dedicated teachers participants inter-knowledge.

European Workshops
There are specific professional development opportunities in the form of meetings between teachers registered in eTwinning, organized in various European countries.

Ideas and resources for projects
eTwinning projects are conducted between two or more schools, on different study subjects or disciplines. There is a wide range of examples of projects on subjects or themes, in different languages ​​from different countries.

Online courses for teachers
Two online courses are available for teachers in Moldova, aiming at learning to use tools and eTwinning platform.

Useful information

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