National Quality Label – eTwinning (National Quality Label)

National Quality Label – eTwinning are awarded to teaching staff who have coordinated exemplary eTwinning projects. It indicates that the project has reached a certain quality standard. There are two types of certificates: National Quality Label and European Quality Label.

What are the benefits?

The National Quality Label marks a recognition of the quality of work performed by teaching staff and schools within eTwinning projects. In case of pupils, it plays the role of a stimulus/reward for the efforts undertaken, while in case of schools, per total, represent a public statement of the undertaking towards quality promotion and opening to European partnership activities.

If you consider that your eTwinning project deserve an official recognition, we encourage you to apply for a National Quality Label. In order to do so, please:

  • Go to “Apply for a Quality Label” section on the platform;
  • Fill in the form based on your project’s data;

The National Support Agency eTwinning Plus (PSA Moldova) awards “The National Quality Label” based on a screening process performed by an international expert.

In the Republic of Moldova, there are two sessions for awarding quality certificates (in May and September).

Sessions for awarding of quality certificates:

  • May session – the deadline for applications is May 15;
  • September session – the deadline for applications is September 10.

The National Quality Labels are awarded to teaching staff, not to projects.

Assessment criteria:

Pedagogical innovation: In order to create a project which could be considered innovative, the first step is to choose an original theme. Also, it is necessary to use different didactical methods and to ensure that pupils take the lead and work collaboratively using various technical devices.
Curricular integration: Participation in projects must not be regarded as an additional task, but as a tool to optimize own pedagogical competences, as well as pupils’ key-abilities. Find a way to include project tasks into your lessons, for example, perform project activities during lessons and choose a project topic based on the school curricula.
Communication and exchange of experience: It is important that pupils and other teachers take part in all activities. Make use of all tools available online – opinion surveys, questionnaires or videoconferences – to get to know yourselves and work together in real time.
Collaboration between partner schools: It is not easy to forge a true partnership between schools and not so many eTwinning projects have performed well in this respect. Try not to work in parallel, but find a way to work together towards a common goal at all project activities.
Use of information technologies and communication: There are many ITC tools that might help you achieve your project pedagogical objectives and the vast majority are free. All you have to do is choose those that best fit your project’ needs and take precautionary measures for pupils and you to be safe while using the online resources.
Results, impact and documentation: The project results must be presented in the online space of the project. They musty be visible and well organized (based on topic, not country). It is essential that you work together at each phase of the project: planning, description of activities, assessment and feedback. Assessment will help you understand the project’s impact on pupils and teachers.

Requirements for participation:

  • Finished projects can be submitted for assessment;
  • Each teaching staff may ask for a quality label for maximum 3 projects (if a number of eTwinning projects are submitted);
  • The deadline for submission of the application must be achieved, the application submitted after the deadline will be assessed in the next session.

For the purposes of awarding of Quality Label and to allow the members of the PSA Moldova to assess the project activities, please ensure the visibility of projects’ virtual space (TwinSpace) via one of the following actions:

  1. Publication of all significant activities (pages) from TwinSpace and inclusion of a link in the application or
  2. Creation of visitor account on TwinSpace for the following email

The necessary steps for the creation of a TwinSpace visitor account:

– for members with administrator rights:
After authentication at TwinSpace platform, in the manage members section – invite teachers and visitors, based on a visitor account will be created. The system will recognize this email address and will automatically generate a user name and a password.
– for members without administrator rights:

Will ask a partner with administrator rights to create such an account.

The account will be used during assessment of applications for National Quality Labels and will be used only by PSA Moldova members.

** The non-observance of the above-mentioned provisions will result in exclusion of the application from the contest.

European Quality Label is a second mark of success and will be awarded to the project that fulfills the following requirements:

  • Were nominated for the European Quality Label by at least one National Support Service, after a screening process in the year when the National Quality Label was awarded;
  • Includes at least two partners from two different countries that have received National Quality Labels.

The European Quality Label is awarded once a year, in October, by the eTwinning program Central Support Service, based in Brussels (Central Support Service – CSS) and is published on the eTwinning portal.

The deadline for submission of application for EQL is October.